Predator Marketing Reviews – The Real Truth

Both you and I know that this is actually a sequel on Jaguar Marketing. Today, we will focus on predator marketing reviews. The infamous predator marketing system will be finally revealed to you all in one sitting.

Just for your convenience, there will be 3 parts to this open predator marketing review. It would also be very fair to you to get to know little basic foundation about the predator marketing system and how it works. Then, we shall move on to the real truth behind it’s system by following the view of actual users.

1) How Predator Marketing System Got Started

Back in September of 2006, the Predator Marketing System was released to the general public. There are two retail price options which you can choose to purchase that is either the $1,499 package or the $3,995 package. We will touch on the details now.

Here are the “systems” you can purchase:

A) Platinum Level = $3,995

B) Gold Level = $1,499

C) Silver Level = $59.95

If you are familiar with direct sales opportunities you will see that Predator Marketing System has incorporated this into it’s packages for you. The real compensation is in the high commission payout ratios. What other predator marketing system reviews do not tell you is this; there is a catch for this kind of payout.

2) Lucrative Compensation With Predator Marketing?

You can choose to own a predator marketing system at any levels. What most predator marketing reviews will have already missed out is that there is no advantage at all in any level except for the predator marketing platinum level.

Why is this? The fact remains on the predator marketing compensation structure. You will be rewarded based on a 1-Up compensation plan. If you were to take the Silver Level package that would cost you 4-Ups!

It is a big deal for you because normally a “pass up” means you will have you give that ‘X’ number of sale to your sponsor even if you made that sale successfully yourself. So, your actual cost of becoming a member of the Predator Marketing System at the Platinum level is $6,995 ($3,995 + 1st pass up of $3000). Of course, your replicated marketing website will have some good nice flashy videos.

3) “Rock The Predator Marketing Reviews Boat”

I do not think anyone is a beginner though. You are already an average marketer since you managed to locate this article piece. So, there are two major problems you should know about the Predator Marketing System.

Problem #1:

The video clip advertising done on it’s replicated website tells you that generating leads is automatic. You should be informed that this is false. Yes, you can make your predator marketing lead generation “automatic” but it requires a huge amount of effort on your part. Especially for the average marketer.

Problem #2:

Usually, the first sale is the toughest part in your Predator Marketing System. On average it would take you about 3 months to ever hit one if you do not have a solid Internet marketing experience. Notice it is your experience and now knowledge that counts.

Moreover, once you have “passed up” your first sale your sponsor immediately becomes your direct competitor. This is because your personal sponsor in the predator marketing system does not have any more incentive to work with you.

In all fairness, who knows what your future will hold with the predator marketing system. Perhaps your first sale will start sooner or later. What we now know is that predator marketing reviews displays a compensation trend that is slowly fading away. You now have the option to look at instant commission based programs.

Affiliate Marketing Reviews – Your Highway To Money Online

You’ve probably heard about affiliate marketing, selling other people’s products, and making money in the process. But did you know that by doing affiliate marketing reviews, you’re multiplying your chances of making a nice income?

Don’t get stuck in the slow lane. Take the highway to money online. This is how you do:

Find A Niche That Converts

When you’re choosing a niche, don’t think about what people need. They may not be buying what they need, but rather things they want. So you should find an area where people are having problems, where they are struggling and searching for answers, or where they are relaxing with their hobbies.

A couple of years ago, I chose the weight loss niche, and even though it’s a high competition niche, I made money already in the first couple of months.

Choose Some High Converting Products In Your Niche

You can join ClickBank for free, and find products there. Buy the ones that look interesting, and read them.

If they are not delivering on the promise they gave on their sales page, you can ask for and get a refund. So you have nothing to lose.

Now It’s Time To Write Reviews

Buy a domain, and make reviews of the products, you’ve bought.

Be honest. If there are things, you didn’t like about the product, tell your readers about it. If you think the product could have been improved in any way, write that too.

Make sure to add the affiliate link in your affiliate marketing reviews.

If a person is interested in the product, he will search for other people’s experiences with it. When he finds your review that could very well be the last input he needed, before he decided to purchase. So make it easy for him to go from your review, through your link, and directly to the sales page or buy now-button. This way, you’re making sure that you get the royalties for sending him there.

Get Traffic To Your Review Page

In order to sell, you need customers. And those customers will probably be searching on Google or other search engines to see what people say about the product, they want.

So make sure that your affiliate marketing reviews will show up in the search engines, by creating back links to them. You can do that with article or video submissions. Both articles and videos can be used to send people directly to your site through the resource box or description.